Sonam Supply ~ Masala Chai Tea

Sonam Supply ~ Masala Chai Tea


Sonam is the finest loose leaf tea from independent plantations in the Himalayas.

The tea comes from small, family-run tea plantations high up in the Himalayas where the rarest and finest quality tea leaves are picked by hand. Hand processing protects the leaves from breaking and allows the tips to retain their exquisitely delicate flavour.

Dohm are stocking a range of Sonam’s teas which we believe showcase the best tea we’ve ever had. Light, refreshing and pure, insanely good for you and created with love and tenderness for the environment makes Sonam teas pretty great in our eyes.

Spicy and sweet, our Masala Chai is at its best when made using lots of milk and a spoonful of sugar for a rich and indulgent treat. A true taste of any Himalayan Tea House favourite.

70g tin

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