Sister Spinster ~ The Shrine

Sister Spinster ~ The Shrine


This formula is most effective during and after intense emotional upheaval or trauma and aids in healing.

The faster we are able to participate in our own healing, the less likely trauma can become part of our body and our mythology. Ephedra flower essence activates our innate healing powers, reminding us that we have everything we need to heal already inside of us. Eucalyptus essence encourages deep breathing through extreme emotional states. The essence of Fireweed is restorative, and calls in revitalised energy by breaking up stagnation that may be lingering in our energetic field. This can help us move through shock and trauma. Acacia essence releases heartbreak, mending holes in the heart with sweetness, comfort and positive energy. Essence of Self Heal helps us assimilate self-care in to our daily practice. Smoky Quartz stabilises detoxification of unwanted energies from physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Herbs and magic from Oakland, CA. Liz Migliorelli is a western herbalist who believes in the affordable and accessible healing power of plants. She creates magical herbal and floral remedies that help tackle the pressures of everyday existence in a modern age. Use these daily as a beneficial ritual to promote self healing and creativity.

These potions are to be taken as you would a flower remedy, such as Rescue Remedy, orally 5 drops 3 times a day, or even on your pillow at night.All essences are in a base of wild-harvested rose and honey infused brandy.


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