Plant Make-up ~ Simple Skin Soothing Salve

Plant Make-up ~ Simple Skin Soothing Salve

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Skin some TLC? Sensitive to everything and need to get back to basics? This pure and simple balm will calm inflammation, soothe dryness and cool an itch. Nourishing hemp and coconut oil, comfrey and oats. No essential oil to irritate eczema, psoriasis, dry and or problem skin. Less is more sometimes.


Ingredients: purveyed certified organic + fair trade cold pressed unrefined coconut oil from the Philippines (Cocos nucifera) . purveyed certified organic cold pressed + unrefined gmo free hemp seed oil from Canada (Cannabis sativa) . purveyed certified organic oat tops from USA (Avena sativa) . purveyed certified organic comfrey leaf from Hungary (Symphytum officinale) . purveyed certified organic aloe vera from USA (Aloe barbadensis) . local beeswax from USA.

All Good 4 U products are plant based, gmo-free, all natural, cruelty free, vegan and handmade.

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