Longtime Historical Pain in the Ass

Anyone who knows me, knows that i'm not squeamish about back chat and bowels topics. Your gut is your second brain so any bad vibes in there are going to have a negative knock on effect to your whole body's feelings. Brought on by many reasons (stress is one of the main triggers- as is opening a jar of gherkins) there are many natural ways you can suppress the swell. After years of trying every exclusion diet, endless probiotics and useless supplements the end in sight is really quite simple. Keep calm, exercise, drink plenty of water, eat a well rounded "everything in moderation diet", use Fat & The Moons Rhoid Relief and listen to your gut! Add a probiotic to help things along, and chew chew chew all your food. Rachel Budde of Fat & The Moon advises uses yarrow as a tincture, 1 dropper full, 3 times a day can help to tighten up those loosey goosey veins (all varicose veins). Energetically speaking, yarrow is also a potent boundary plant (makes sense, huh!). If you don’t know where you end and someone else begins, life is going to be the pain in your ass. Yarrow helps to distinguish your you-ness, and help you own how much space you want and need to take up. 

Also it's good to remember we aren't alone. Haemorrhoids are frequently mentioned in historical writings which increasingly emphasise the influence this affliction has had upon man throughout the ages. A slightly secretive discussion topic but one that affects 1 in 2 of us by the time you are 50.

So we are taking a page out of diarist Samuel Pepys diary and going to speak out for bowel chat and why you shouldn't suffer that pain in the ass in silence. 






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